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Cost effective aviation training courses - Enhancing Organisational Competence.

Courses We Currently Offer

Regulatory Framework & Continuing Airworthiness

  • National & International Regulatory Framework
  • Introduction to Continuing Airworthiness at local regulatory level
  • How to set-up a compliant Continuing Airworthiness Management organization
  • How to set-up a compliant stores & Procurement process

Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Reliability Management

  • EASA Part 145 – Maintenance Organisation Approval
  • Aircraft Maintenance Reliability – Theoretical
  • Mathematics behind Reliability – Basic Statistical Analysis & Interpretation
  • Mathematics behind Reliability - Airline Systems

Quality & Audit

  • Quality Management Systems (QMS) for Operators
  • Quality Management Systems (QMS) for Maintainers
  • Effective implementation of ISO 9001:2015
  • Effective Audit Management for Safety & Quality
  • How to perform an effective investigation in aviation
  • How to effectively communicate audit findings and recommendations

Safety, Risk Analysis & Management

  • Safety Management for continuing airworthiness beginners
  • Safety Management for Maintenance Beginners
  • Safety Risk Analysis & Management

Our Approach

We provide delegates with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the theoretical & practical aspects of the subject.
  • Training re-enforcement with real-world examples from the experiences of our expert lecturers/instructors.
  • Greater utilisation of interactive workshops & practical exercises.
  • Opportunities for classroom discussion and sharing of knowledge.


Avia Intelligence provides both generic courses and those designed to satisfy specific client needs.

Working closely with Avia Intelligence and our existing client-base, we are able to develop & deliver the most up to date courseware solutions.

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Our Instructors

Our instructors and training consultants are highly competent professionals in their respective fields of study with a reputation for successfully delivering delegate and company expectations.

We pay very close attention when engaging and allocating instructors and consultants to our training courses and projects.

Each member of our team is carefully assessed and verified in terms of their knowledge and competence, not least a proven reputation for:

  • Understanding the pain-points of our delegates,
  • Ability to get to the root cause quickly,
  • An unparalleled intuition for prescribing the correct course of action.