Twining Consultancy with Training – The value of focused workshops

Rustom D. Sutaria – Avia Intelligence, Dubai, UAE 2017

Recent political and economic uncertainty, has resulted in training and consultancy activities either falling to the bottom of the list of things that need to be sorted out, or being removed from the list altogether.  Most training and consultancy businesses (not least aviation) tend to separate these services to create individually chargeable revenue streams.

However, in a politically and economically difficult environment for aviation businesses, it simply does not need to be this way where consultancy services are being considered in the preliminary phases of a project. 

Many organizations that Avia Intelligence works with, would (where possible) prefer to be able to receive a significant portion of the consultant’s knowledge & experience as a part of the training that they are attending, and often realise that inaccurate or incomplete knowledge or a lack of sufficient foresight, may have led to them to consider consultancy services as a possible and unnecessary option.

A significant portion of Avia Intelligence clientele have joined our training courses believing that they might need consultancy services, and have left our training realising that they don’t! 

Most of Avia Intelligence clients tend to arrive at training courses with a pre-conceived idea of what they want to get out of the training, this is mainly because they want to get answers to related pain-points, issues and other causes of direct concern to them.  Therefore, our training courses not only impart knowledge, expertise & foresight, but also provide delegates with the opportunity to also determine if consultancy or further training/focused work-shops are even necessary.

Armed with the knowledge and off-course expertise of our consultants, not only do they leave the course updated, but they also have the basis for strategic planning and tactics when trying to decide what to do with a specific problem or issue.

The chief benefit of the ‘focused workshop’ approach to both organizations and indeed individuals is the opportunity of getting the best of two worlds whilst also receiving value for money by only paying for training. 

Off-course, if further consultancy work and investigation is needed, then Avia Intelligence is available to assist fully via the company’s consultancy arm.

Avia Intelligence is an aviation training & consultancy business that focuses on Safety, Quality & Continuing Airworthiness, and offers training on the following subjects:

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